SGOC Accountability Starts Here!

We have updated our system to adhere to (60-40) Acts 2 and 184 of 2012 and Acts 90 and 92 of 2013!!

Attention Mid-sized and smaller-sized Posts/Lodges and all mid to smaller sized Fraternal organizations:

With SDS 3.0 you can set 2 Net Proceeds Manager alerts!

Example: Set your alert at $35,000 and when you exceed $35,000 in net proceeds you will be alerted when you log in to the system. You could then scale back your Gaming activity in late November and/or December if you know you are close to the magic $40,000 Net proceeds number.

Our current 3.92 version is receiving rave reviews from old and new customers! Check out our Facebook page and see for yourself:.

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Sienna 3.92

Saves HOURS every week for whomever is currently doing your SGOC Record keeping.

No Strings attached. You will not have to buy games from us (we do not sell games). Unlike the POS systems that only record Pull-tab and punchboard games and cost at least 3 times as much as our system and require you to buy a minimum number of games or the monthly price increases.


We have COMPLETED TESTING with the PA Department of Revenue to File SGOC Activity Electronically in 2015!! (for 2014 Activity)

We should be appearing (once again) on the PA Department of Revenue SGOC website soon.

Now Available!

Sienna POS (standalone)


Sienna/FYIT POS (cloud based) systems

You can have the BEST Small Games Of Chance system bundled with the your choice of our Partners Cloud or Our own stand-alone Point of Sale systems available in one package!

Contact us via the contact page or by phone (814.408.2158) to schedule a Demo of our SDS and/or Point of Sale systems!

Sienna Database System provides the tools you need to comply with the changes in Pennsylvania state game reporting laws for small games of chance Activity.

We have over 30 years of IT experience and over 15 years of experience designing Compliance Software for one of largest banks in the country.

We make our software affordable to smaller clubs by offering flexible no interest finance plans with payments your club can afford. Now offering our Sienna CORE version for as little as $1999.00 installed on your PC (internet connection required for support).

If you are current with Maintenance and Suppport costs and the SGOC recording and/or reporting laws change (again) you will receive an updated system that will be modified to reflect the Law changes.

Customer Testamonial
"The best software in the industry, provides you with the means of being accountable for all of your SGOC activity. Hands Down #1."

-Therese Perino, Ashville VFW

"I did not think entering our Daily Drawing information into the system could be this easy"!

-Dan Donahue, Patton Sportsmans

"This system is amazing!  If you value your time, this system is a must have.”"!

-Chrissy McDermott,St. Pietro Italian Society Cresson

"I can produce ALL of the LCE Schedules with a few mouse clicks! Imagine not having to find paperwork and transferring numbers from one sheet to another! This is amazing!."

-Sherry Lidwell, Coupon Sportsmens

  • Be prepared for filing in 2015.
  • Track and record members information indcluding active, inactive, membership type etc. Produce mailing address labels or print members addresses on regular or business size envelopes (printer must support envelope printing)  
  • Sienna makes adding new games or new employees a snap.
  • SDS removes the struggle with the recording and reporting requirements